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Nov 26, 2017 - 1 minute read - Comments

Goodbye Uptime!

It’s been a week since I built the home server, and so far here is the uptime -


But I have to pull the plug, as I have additional hardware (all donations) coming in the way. I’ve got 2 more incoming laptops and my existing surge protector only has 1 more free outlet, it can’t accomodate 2 more laptops.

With that said, I plan on making a load balanced http server once the additonal hardware kicks in, plus maybe a headless kvm / vmware server hosting Windows7 VM accessed thru RDP / VNC by a thinclient!

I would also be needing an additional switch, as my 4port switch only has 1 more vacant slot. Good thing I have stocked up on routers for cheap from my local thriftstore. I know that someday I can put them to good use.

As for the Markdown language, today I’ve learned how to put images on my pages and how to link pages! I’ve edited the first post to include an image and so far so good!

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