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Dec 1, 2017 - 2 minute read - Comments

Android Apps For Accessing My Homeserver

Sometimes I need to upload screenshots from my phone to my homeserver. Luckily there is an Android app called AndFTP. AndFTP allows you to connect to remote servers using several different protocols -

  • FTP
  • SFTP (secure FTP over SSH)
  • FTPS (secure FTP over SSL / TLS)
  • SCP (SSH secure copy)

What I want is scp, as I already have a running instance of ssh on my server. On a Windows box I use WinSCP, and on a Linux box I use scp. So for Android, I will also utilize scp.

Once you have entered all the details (servername / IP, port, username, password), the interface looks like this -


That shows the files on my remote server. To upload files, just select the phone icon and it will show the local files saved on the phone. Select the file(s) and press the upload icon to upload files. Pretty straight forward.

Most of the time I am outside travelling to / from work. Whenever I want to login to my server while travelling, I can do so using my phone and JuiceSSH. JuiceSSH is an app that allows SSH connections to remote servers.

Once you have all the detailes plugged in (servername/IP, port, username, password), the interface looks like this -


I can access and type in commands on my server even when using a phone and data connection!

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