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things I break/fix for fun and learning

Dec 7, 2017 - 1 minute read - Comments

How I Practice for RHCSA

I’m using Debian Linux and i3 window manager. Debian was a previous install on my main laptop while I was preparing for CompTIA Linux+ / LPIC-1. Debian grew on me and hadn’t had time to reformat to CentOS.

I do have several servers / VMs that are running on CentOS though. I experienced first-hand that there are several commands that behave differently in the CentOS / Debian world.

I dont use DEs (desktop environments). If I have to use a DE, I’d go with GNOME. I feel comfortable working with i3, and since I am using a 14in laptop, every bit of screen space is precious. i3 excels in that as it is just a window manager and no other fancy menus, bells and whistles.

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like -


Upper left window - terminal window with mplayer running

Lower left window - terminal window I use to ssh to server / practice commands

Main window - mplayer playing a video file I follow along

So there you go!

For today, able to cover on the following topics -

  • manual pages
  • input / output redirection
  • grep filtering
  • remote login via ssh
  • secure copy via scp & sftp

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