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Dec 23, 2017 - 2 minute read - Comments

2weeks with VoIP.ms

I’ve been using VoIP (Voice over IP) for quite sometime now. I got fed up with the local telco offerings here in Canada, and decided to ditch them for VoIP.

I’ve been with Anveo since Nov 2016 but recently switched to VoIP.ms. I started with Anveo as you can signup for FREE and cheapest minimum balance is 15USD. Incoming / outgoing calls are 0.01cents per minute and 0.50cents per month to retain number. For outgoing calls to work, you need to have E911 active which costs 1.50 per month. And for SMS, you need to be subscribed to their cheapest monthly rate of 7.85 per month. I was able to snag a promo rate and got the cheapest monthly rate of 3.50 per month. All in all, I need to keep at least 5.00 per month to make incoming and outgoing calls plus SMS. It works OK but somehow it seems expensive. I was able to do further research and just recently switched to VoIP.ms.

VoIP.ms seems a cheaper alternative -

  • 25USD minimum balance that carries over
  • 0.85 cents per month to retain number
  • 0.009 cents per minute incoming and outgoing calls

I’ve been with VoIP.ms for 2 weeks now, and so far so good. I’ve made a total of 20minutes of calls and total cost is just 0.17cents! I don’t have to maintain E911 for outgoing calls to work, so that automatically saves me 1.50 per month. And SMS is FREE, so that saves me another 3.50 per month!

Here is my usage with VoIP.ms for 2 weeks -


With this rate I’m going, I can say that my minimum balance will go a long way, probably 10-12months!

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