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Jan 29, 2018 - 2 minute read - Comments

Debian to Fedora

It’s been a productive weekend. I’ve decided to reformat my study laptop from Debian to Fedora. Since I am preparing for RHCSA, it’s better to get used to the RPM ecosystem. I also need to practice on KVM hence I reformatted to Fedora. And Fedora is the upstream of RHEL, what I learn in RHEL / Fedora can be used in one another with some minor adjustments.

In summary, this is what my weekend looked like -

  1. install fedora 27.
  2. install i3 WM.
  3. install lightdm
  4. disable gdm / enable lightdm
  5. configure i3 WM (i used my existing config files from debian)
  6. configure i3blocks
  7. build compton from scratch
  8. install kvm / vmware and all my needed apps
  9. practice with kvm, practice with RHEL
  10. with all that work, it’s time to play! installed mame and some ROMs for classic arcade gaming!

I purposely used Fedora Core 5 wallpaper for personal preference. This feels like I’m back in time machine, the first version of Fedora I tried way back then was Fedora Core5, and then moved to CentOS5, then Debian Lenny. After Debian Lenny I tried othe distros based on Debian (Ubuntu), but eventually went back to Debian again. So this is it, after all this years I’m back home to Fedora RPM ecosystem.

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