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things I break/fix for fun and learning

Mar 7, 2018 - 2 minute read - Comments

My Battlestation

Slowly I am building a computer system and finally I have completed it! I have started with a Lenovo Thinpad T420s and maxxed out the upgrades - 16GB RAM for vmware workstation virtualization, SSD for primary OS (Linux) and storage for virtual machines, another SSD for 2nd OS (Windows), and traditional HDD for backup storage. The most noticeable upgrade is the SSD. Even if the RAM is maxxed out but if using traditional HDD, the system is still slow.

Then I found a really nice docking station from a local meetup - 6USB ports, 2DVI, 2HDMI and 1 VGA. I didn’t have any monitors yet, but I knew this dock will be useful someday. So I went ahead and got it for a good price.

I got my first monitor for FREE when my wife’s company is disposing old equipment. It’s a DELL 17in flat panel boxtype monitor. For the price, can’t complain and it’s a huge upgrade from my 14in laptop screen.

I was lucky enough to get a FREE computer table! My aunt / uncle saw one in the curb in their neighborhood and picked it up for me. Very spacious and already comes with a surge protector.

Few days ago I was able to get a nice Samsung 17in flat panel boxtype monitor from a thriftstore. This will perfectly complement my setup! So I got that in but there are no DVI cable attached to it. I scoured the thriftstore and luckily able to get a DVI cable. It is still a gamble as I don’t know if the monitor is broken or not.

And lastly I will be needing a keyboard and a mouse. I was able to get a nice DELL multimedia keyboard on the same thriftstore, and for the mouse I was able to get a wireless mouse from dollarama. Keyboard and mouse works OK in Linux, no need for additional drivers. I really like the keyboard as the multimedia keys work without additional configuration in Linux.

And here it is! Connect all the pieces together and it works! My thriftstore gamble paid off, and nearly everything as all of them are all 2nd hand items, except for the dollarama mouse!

My battlestation in action!

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