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Apr 6, 2018 - 2 minute read - Comments

4months with VoIP.ms

I’ve been with VoIP.ms since Dec 13 2017 and so far so good! Few days from now and I wil be with them for 4months, and I have saved a great amount of money by using VoIP instead of traditional cellphone plans.

With VoIP.ms, here’s what I spend on every month -

  • 25USD minimum balance
  • 0.85 cents per month to retain number
  • 0.0052 cents per minute (I was able to tweak this from 0.009 cents per minute)

The 25USD minimum balance, I still have 19.61USD left after 4months of using VoIP.ms. With that rate, this might last me 2years and give more savings opportunity.

VoIP.ms has never failed me. I’ve used it to communicate during phone interviews for several times. The other person on the other line does not know the difference that I am using voip as the line is clear – no static, echo or choppy sounds. I have also used voip to communicate via SMS and messages arrive realtime. BUT if your phone is off / no data / no wifi coverage, any missed SMS are not delivered anymore. You can retrieve them from the web portal though. What I do is I forward SMS’s to another number so that I don’t miss any.

With that said, I really enjoy using voip and VoIP.ms service in particular. Hoping that I can get a good deal on a Cisco IP Phone as i want to use asterisk PBX with VoIP.ms to play and learn more about the technology.

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