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Apr 16, 2018 - 1 minute read - Comments

Bottleneck in my HomeLab

I recently rebuilt my plex media server inside a VM. I was transferring several media files and noticed that the throughput peaks at 10MB/s and averages to about 7.6MB/s.

The source computer is older and only have 10/100Mb/s network interface while the destination computer is my ESXi server that has a 1Gb/s network interface. Both are connected by D-LINK DIR-615 which also maxes at 100Mb/s.

Doing the math, 10MB/s is 80Mb/s and 7.6MB/s is 60.8Mb/s.

Looking at the numbers, it is close at fully utilizing the 100Mb/s link which at this point is the bottleneck in my lab. Hoping to get a 1Gb/s switch soon once a good deal pops-up as this will definitely improve the transfer rate when copying files around the network.

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