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May 4, 2018 - 2 minute read - Comments

Upgrading from vSphere6.5 to vSphere6.7

It’s going to be a busy weekend for me! I am using an evaluation version of vSphere 6.5 for quite a while now. Recently they released vSphere 6.7 but it was not available for evaluation - until now! In preparation for this, I have started to download all the needed packages so that in the weekend all I need to do is install them. One thing got my attention - vCenter Server Appliance is available for download to be evaluated! In the past this is not available, only vCenter Server for Windows is available. This will be one of the things I will focus and test on - standalone vCenter Server appliance or Vcenter Server that needs Windows. (Even without testing, I’m already leaning on using the appliance version as it is based on Linux, and less Windows license to worry about.)

vSphere 6.7 downloads

Currently my ESXi 6.5 install is on a USB flash drive so that I can maximize all the storage of my server. I plan on reformatting the flash drive and installing ESXi 6.7 into it. All my VMs should not be affected as the VMs are stored separately in RAID volumes. In theory, once the ESXi6.7 install is complete, I should be able to access my VMs by navigating the datastores they are saved in and registering the VMX files so that they will appear in the inventory. I have around 38~ VMs so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Update1 - vCenter 6.7 appliance install completed!

Update2 - Looks like I’m stuck at ESXi 6.5. There are a lot of CPUs not supported anymore by ESXi 6.7 and unfortunately my CPU is on the list.

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