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Jul 9, 2018 - 2 minute read - Comments

Using Logitech MK530 in Fedora Linux

My wired DELL Multimedia keyboard started acting up and several keys just stopped working. Rebooting my computer did not help. I thought it is just my Linux install but even if I boot to Windows 7, the keyboard is still misbehaving. Based on that troubleshooting, I have decided to get a new keyboard. After reading and comparing several reviews, I have decided for a Logitech MK530 combo – it is a wireless Logitech K520 keyboard and wireless Logitech M510 mouse. It also uses a unifying USB receiver – only 1 receiver and it controls both the wireless mouse and keyboard, and you can use upto 6 devices with just 1 receiver. Installing it in Fedora Linux is also a snap!

First, as root, I installed the logitech command line unifying tool -

Then I plug in the USB unifying receiver. Checking dmesg it shows that it has detected the wireless mouse and keyboard -

Using the ltunify tool, it shows that the wireless keyboard and wireless mouse are paired successfuly.

And that’s it! It works right out of the box! The BACK and FORWARD additional buttons on the mouse works OK when using a web browser with no additional configuration needed. And for the keyboard, the additional keys BACK, FORWARD, FAVORITES, CALCULATOR and audio keys works right on the spot!

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