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Dec 1, 2018 - 2 minute read - Comments

Internal USB mod for Thinkpad X220

I love modifying and upgrading my Thinkpad X220. My latest modification adds an internal USB port. I need this modification so that I can “hide” my Logitech unifying dongle. This solves the risk of losing / misplacing the dongle and this also makes sure that the dongle is always installed.

I ordered the internal USB mod from Taobao, a Chinese website similar to amazon / ebay. Since Taobao only caters to China and I don’t understand Chinese, I had to use an “agent”. An agent will order the item for me and Taobao will ship the item to the agent, and finally the agent will ship the item to my Canadian address. The concept is similar to a US dropbox – I buy items from the US and ship to my US dropbox, and my US dropbox will ship the items to my Canadian address.

The internal USB mod takes advantage of the bluetooth daughtercard connection. The bluetooth daughtercard uses a USB port although the physical connection is proprietary and has different form factor, it is still a USB. Installing it is fairly simple – disconnect the bluetooth daughtercard, and install the internal USB mod in its place. By doing this, it means that the system will no longer have bluetooth capability.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Package from China safely secured.

package from China safely secured

Logitech USB dongle sticking out.

Logitech dongle sticking out

7 screws removed to install the internal USB mod.

7screws removed

Keyboard and palm rest removed.

keyboard and plamrest removed

Internal USB mod and bluetooth daughtercard side-by-side.

internal USB mod

Internal USB mod installed. I had to slightly move the CMOS battery as it interferes with the Logitech dongle.

USB internal mod installed

Logitech USB dongle is not visible anymore.

Logitech USB dongle not visibe

Success! Logitech USB dongle detected inside the internal USB.


By doing this mod, it means that the system will no longer have bluetooth capability. I opted to go for it anyway as I will get my bluetooth back by upgrading the wifi chip from Intel 6205 N to Intel 7260AC. I’v ordered the Intel 7260AC from China and it will arrive soon!

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