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Jun 14, 2019 - 2 minute read - Comments

Revisiting VoIP After 18months of Use

I’ve been using VoIP for quite a while now. I initially started with Anveo and later on moved to VoIP.ms as it is much cheaper. It’s been 18months now since I moved to VoIP.ms and my initial credit of $25 has only $1.68 left. Now that my VoIP.ms credits are almost depleted, should I purchase more and continue using VoIP?

Short, quick and precise answer - YES, DEFINITELY, OF COURSE!

For 18months my mobile expense is just $235, breakdown as follows -

$200 - this is for paying $15 per month for 3GB of data

$25 - this is for the VoIP.ms credits, a one-time payment

$10 - app that enables VoIP on my mobile phone, a one-time payment

If I didn’t use VoIP, I will be forced to use traditional telco rates of $35 per month (cheapest, crappiest plan), and for 18months it will total to $630.

That gives me about $400 wiggle room to “splurge” on other things instead of just giving it away to the greedy telcos!

So yes, I will continue to use VoIP and I purchased another $15 credits that will last me for another 12months or so.

VoIP credits almost depleted as it only has $1.68 left

VoIP transaction history, $25 credit since Dec2017 upto Jun2019

VoIP credits reloaded for additional $15

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