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Jan 26, 2020 - 2 minute read - Comments

Installation Guide for CentOS 8

Step-by-step installation guide for CentOS 8.

1 - Download the ISO from centos.org. For this purpose I downloaded the 597MB netinstall ISO. Burn the ISO to a bootable USB using rufus or dd. Boot the ISO and it will show the welcome screen.

2 - Select Install CentOS Linux 8 to proceed with the installation.

3 - The installer GUI appears. Select the language to use during the install. Default is English.

4 - Installation Summary appears. Click on Network and Host to enable the network interface and to get a valid IP address.

5 - On the Network and Host screen, it shows that the network is disabled. Toggle the switch to enable the network interface.

6 - Network interface has been enabled and it gets a valid IP address. Press Done to go back to the Installation Summary screen.

7 - Press the Installation Destination to select which drive to install to. It will be installed on sda (first hdd). Partition can be Automatic or Custom. For this purpose I am using Automatic partitioning. Press Done to return back to the Installation Summary screen.

8 - On the Installation Summary screen, select Software Selection. Select the software that needs to be installed. For this purpose I am selecting Minimal Install. Press Done to return back to the Installation Summary Screen.

9 - Press Begin Installation.

10 - Installation in progress. We can set the root and user password at this stage.

11 - Select root password. Enter the password and confirm it in the 2nd box. Press Done to continue.

12 - Select user password. Enter the username, password and confirm the password in the 2nd box. Select “make this user administrator” to grant sudo access. Press Done to continue.

13 - Installation is in progress. Since I am using the netinstall ISO, it is downloading additional packages from the internet.

14 - Installation in progress.

15 - Installation complete! Press Reboot.

16 - CentOS login screen appears. Login with the root credential created during the install.

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